Thursday, April 10, 2008

EVANGELISM - My "Supreme Task" in Africa!

The last day of December 2007 we were given instructions to sit in the pew and learn before we set out for evangelism again. God led us to LIVING FAITH CHURCH, headed by Bishop David Oyedepo. God wants our mentality changed because many souls are tied to us. Before we say another word, we should sit at the feet of the master to know the Author Himself. And no one knows the book like the writer of the book.

We are still in the learning process. I am sent to evangelize Africa, to preach the Word of Faith, and to make the people of God "rich"! GOD told me the same action that is upon Bishop David Oyedepo is now upon me, and God opened my eyes to see that the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa is giving me the mantle he had, to carry on. I saw the mighty man of Islam in Africa trying to stop me from coming to America to learn! I asked him, "Why he is stopping me in that revelation?" and he said that he does not want me to preach to his father!

My journey to America will deliver Africa from the pit of ignorance, and stop the work of Islam there forever! So, if you want Africa "free from poverty and oppresion of Islam", then please join me so that I can make this journey to America, with my family, and sit at the feet of great men and women of God, like Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Pastor George Pearsons, Apostle Jerry Savelle, Pastor Rod Parsely, and other ministers of God ... including "you"! I will then return to Africa to bring the "giant of poverty" down in Africa, the giant called Islam! He will come down in Africa! They have oppressed us for too long!

The journey begins now! I am applying for 3 months VISA's, for me, and for my family. Each application cost $100, and we are bringing our two children with us. I will then book our flights by buying tickets. This is all on "faith"! Believe with me, will you! We serve an awesome God!

There is one month training to complete here at Living Faith Church, which ends on the 25th of April. Afterwards, we will be on our way ... to America!

I did not want to share my financial needs with anybody and again be misinterpreted. The Lord made me to understand, though, that this is a fight against poverty, and against Islam, in Africa! And I cannot fight that fight alone! But in unity, with the prayers and financial support of my brothers and sisters, we will, like the Towel of Babel (Genesis 11), bring down the great walls of Islam - both their false religion, and the poverty that comes with it! Men will once again be able to lift holy hands unto God in Africa!

I am ready to sacrifice my life ... for the Gospel's sake!
Please, keep me in your prayers!